Kids First!! A Better Lee County Starts With A Better Education


“I would be honored to represent the families of Lee County, District 1. I promise to work hard to represent your needs and interests, and put our KIDS FIRST!”.

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  • Swim Fundraiser
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  • Kids First
    Parents are a critical part of a child’s life. Without morals and values from a safe environment, children would be lost. Parents need to get back in the classrooms to volunteer and help better facilitate their children’s education.

Cathy Stout

For School Board District 1

“For me it will always be KIDS FIRST!!”

About Me

My name is Cathy Stout. I was born in Frankfurt, Germany when my father was stationed there for the military. My mother is Korean, and she and my father met during the Korean War. I am their only child. I lived most of my life in New Jersey, and it was there that I met and married my husband. I have five children with two set of twins. I am a daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, business women, and taxpayer of Lee County. We were visitors to Lee County for over 20 years and have been full time residents since 2016. Relocating our family 

full-time to Lee County was the best decision we ever made. Our children have thrived! As a mother and businesswomen, I am well organized and run my household efficiently  while my husband travels for work. I have a real passion for Cape Coral , and I love where I live . As a candidate for district One, I want to give back to my community in appreciation for all the blessings we have received since moving here. That’s why I need your support in my community to help me represent you in District One! Tell your friends, family, and neighbors why it is crucial to vote in the primary in August 23rd 2022 and the election in November 8th of 2022. 

My Career

As a military child, I have moved several times during my school-age years. My parents owned a “Mom and Pop”store,and I learned about money at a young age, when I was their cashier. I attended  public school for nine years and graduated from a private school. I have managed multiple companies in my life after high school. I have  an  Associate Degree in marketing and sales, and I worked with corporate event planning as an event coordinator when I was a  snowbird in 2013.  I continue to be an administrator for my husband’s company, and recently,  I joined Marzucco Real Estate as a realtor.  I have a mindset for business and have worked with the  community and my children schools for the  last sixteen years.​

The dual roles of mother and businesswoman are important to me, and with this experience, I would like to introduce ways to itemize the budget and have a solid  ROI so the district can receive funds  NOT from the taxpayers, but from a tighter budget. I would like to introduce ways  to reroute the bus routes in order to save money and time on the bus. Including introduce a program for the buses that will reduce low emissions and maintenance. I would  like to work to return parents to the classrooms as volunteers.For curriculum, I strongly believe that home economics and personal finance courses should be brought back in Lee County schools.